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Surf Sense 3.1 just released: Download Now
faster than ever, search databases and files too

Leading edge consultancy and productivity software


Our Products

Our flagship product, Surf Sense, makes it easy to find the information you need across multiple data sources, all with just one easy action. Search the internet, a database or a local file.

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Customer Support

Customer Support

We are on hand to assist you in getting the most from our products. If you have any technical issues please visit our support page which contains an FAQ section and details of our support services.

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Our Services

We have over a decade of software development experience using the latest technologies. We can provide direct software development consultancy to firms based in the UK at competitive rates.

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Surf Sense now Free for Personal, Educational and Charity Use!

We have released a special personal edition of the software for non-commercial use. This currently contains all of the features of v3.1.

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